Tillbaka föregående


Vi har många pumpar från ett antal leverantörer för flera ändamål: Kolvpumpar, Sprutpumpar och Peristalistiska pumpar.

Vi har flera typer av pumpar från IDEX, de har ett antal olika lösningar för många applikationer.


Ismatec Reglo analog, digital and quick pump/drive systems are small calibrateable dispensing pumps - ideal for laboratory applications.

Available with Click'n'go cassettes featuring an automatic pressure mechanism - each channel can use various tubing sizes.

  • Low-pulsation with 12 roller models
  • High-repeatability
  • 10 cm wide x 13.5 cm high




Built on the same principles as our Precision Dispense Pumps, extensive tests show the IPV will outlast traditional syringes and valves by as much as 20-fold, yielding major lifetime cost savings. The IPV saves even more on downtime and upkeep because it requires no routine preventive maintenance such as cleaning and nut tightening, essential with conventional syringes. By selecting the seal-wash option, you can extend IPV life even longer when using it with difficult fluids.


Analytical instrumentation, Biotechnology