Inorganic Ventures ICP Conference 2021

Refining the World of Analysis!

Online Event | September 13 - 17 
15:00 - 17:00 CET Daily

About the event:

Learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry during our in-depth, 5-day virtual conference on Refining the World of Analysis. Presentations will center around refining heavy metals analysis and will be applicable to a very diverse range of industries. Uncover hidden gems as you learn ICP techniques and basic tips surrounding sample preparation, sample and CRM stability considerations, trace metals analysis and much more! Enjoy detailed presentations, live roundtable discussions, video demonstrations from our lab and interactive networking opportunities.

Completing the single conference fee of $199 generates a Zoom link which will give access to all presentations so you can choose the ones that interest you most!

The final presentation booklets will be sent to registrants prior to the conference. Can’t attend on the specified dates? All sessions will be recorded for registrants to access at their own convenience. Certificates of completion will be delivered to participants following the 5-day event.


OBS! Eventet kostar 2000 SEK. Du kan antingen anmäla dig genom att följa länken till höger eller så kan du anmäla dig genom oss på Teknolab Sorbent. För mer information och anmälan genom oss, kontakta oss på:



9:00 Welcome and Introductions Christopher Gaines, CEO
9:00–9:45 Your Foundation for a Trace Analysis by ICP Autumn Phillips
9:45-10:30 How to Effectively Optimize Your Instrument Jodie Wall
10:30–11:00 Roundtable Discussion Autumn, Jodie and Mike


9:00–9:30 ICP-MS: Planning for Tough Samples and Problem Elements Brian Alexander, Ph.D.
9:30–10:15 Sample Preparation Building Blocks — Part 1 Paul Gaines, Ph.D.
10:15–10:30 Quick Tips on Working with Mercury and Tin Autumn Phillips
10:30–11:00 Roundtable Discussion Brian, Paul and Autumn


9:00–9:30 ICP-MS: Limits and Reliable Measurements Brian Alexander, Ph.D.
9:30–10:00 A Guide to Designing, Handling and Troubleshooting CRMs James King, M.Sc.
10:00–10:40 Sample Preparation Build Blocks — Part 2 Paul Gaines, Ph.D.
10:40–11:00 Roundtable Discussion Brian, James and Paul


9:00–9:45 Overcoming Measurement Uncertainty Lesley Owens, Ph.D.
9:45–10:15 TBD Michael Booth
10:15–10:30 A Synopsis of ICP Washout Techniques Thomas Kozikowski
10:30–11:00 Roundtable Discussion Lesley, Mike and Thomas


9:00–9:15 Is Your Method Fit for Purpose? A Dive into Validation Lesley Owens, Ph.D.
9:15–10:00 Optimizing a 69-Element Calibration Curve onRadial/Axial ICP-OES Thomas Kozikowski
10:15-11:00 BREAKOUT ROOMS

  • Sample Preparation Paul Gaines, Ph.D. and Thomas Kozikowski
  • Instrument Troubleshooting Jodie Wall and Mike Booth
  • Solution Chemistry/Compatibility Lesley Owens, Ph.D. and James King, M.Sc.
  • Industry News Brian Alexander, Ph.D.

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