Hur säkerställer du att små läckor inte orsakar stora problem?

Visste du att den nya läckdetektorn från Restek är så känslig så att även mycket små läckage,
som inte ens upptäcks av GC instrumentets ”pressure decay” test, kan identifieras?


Resteks NEW Leak Detector can find leaks your instrument misses!

Did you know a Restek electronic leak detector is sensitive enough to identify small leaks that would pass an instrument pressure decay test?
This article details our controlled, low-level leak experiment and shows how the leak detector performed.
Our new leak detector lets you:

  • Easily pinpoint small leaks in hard-to-reach places for a broad range of lab gases.
  • Protect data and equipment by detecting leaks below instrument pressure decay test levels.
  • save time and money by reducing column replacement, maintenance expenses, and gas waste.
  • Operate the leak detector while its charging (or up to 12 hours between charges).

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