Halvdags kurs med GC-gurun Jaap de Zeeuw!

Vi vill rekommendera denna halvdags kurs under Euroanalysis den 28 augusti 14:00-17:00  med GC-gurun Jaap de Zeeuw.

“Practical Maintenance and Troubleshooting in Gas Chromatography”

Jaap är en mycket uppskattad och kunnig föreläsare och du kommer att få mycket tips och idéer med dig hem till arbetet.

Vi finns tillsammans med Restek på Euroanalysis så kom gärna förbi och besök oss där. Halv kursavgift för deltagare på konferensen!

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Practical Maintenance and Troubleshooting in Gas Chromatography

Course description

In Gas chromatography 90% of the trouble experienced, is happening in the injection system. In this course we will discuss the purpose and impact of the critical parts (consumables) present in split and splitless injection and how this impact in a maintenance schedule.

In this half day course we will discuss the maintenance challenges for Split and Splitless injection techniques that are used in GC. We will zoom in carrier gas choice and purity, tubing, connections, septa, ferrules, seals, liners, column-coupling, installation and column maintenance.. Also column operation/optimization and extending column life time will be discussed.  All will be discussed by a series of practical examples.

Target audience

This short course is intended for the practical user of GC equipment that wants to understand the most important maintenance and troubleshoot items for GC application work. For maximum result, some experience with GC separations and analytical chemistry is preferred


Jaap de Zeeuw studied 6 yrs of chemistry and graduated in 1979; His thesis was entitled “Fused Silica Capillary Column Technology”; Jaap has 38 years experience in GC capillary technology, developed many PLOT columns as well as bonded phase columns.  He is also the originator for simple concepts for fast GC/MS using a high vacuum inside the capillary column. Jaap has traveled widely and is well known for his technical expertise and teaching skills. Jaap has published more then 100 publications in the field of GC on column technology and application.  Jaap worked 27 years for Chrompack/Varian and presently serves the last 10 years as an international specialist on gas chromatography for Restek in the Netherlands, involved with product development, application and marketing.