GC Seminar with Jaap

In cooperation with Restek we once again arrange the popular technical gas chromatography seminar

You will get a lot of useful tips that will improve your working skills and problem solving in your GC lab.

23 March 1-5 PM Uppsala Business Park
Troubleshooting                                           110 min
EzGC –  Chromatogram Modeler              80 min
Liner selection                                              30 min

24 March 9 AM – 5 PM Göteborg, Lilla Bommen konferanscenter
Troubleshooting                                          110 min
EzGC – Chromatogram modelling           80 min

13 -16:30
Injection techniques – liner selection     90 min
Trace analysis                                              60 min
Analysis of water as component or
components having water as matrix      40 min

Price: (FIKA included)
Uppsala: 490 kr
Göteborg, full day: 990 kr (Lunch included)
Göteborg, half day: 490 kr

Contact us for more information and registration here!